Badoo Dating App Review


New dating sites and applications keep hitting the market. This comes as good news, as it eases the ability for one to get a soulmate. However, there is a catch. How many of these online dating sites are legit? Only a few. This is a confirmation that has kept a good number of people away from dating applications. Nevertheless, genuine dating applications such as Badoo Dating App have a lot to offer. Badoo Dating App will bring you closer to your ideal partner. You just have to try it.

About Badoo Dating App

Badoo dating app was established in 2006. Ever since it has grown tremendously to accommodate almost 410 million singles who are in search of life partners. In a month Badoo dating app accommodates almost 60 million active users. Badoo has users in at least 190 countries. This shows how much this dating application is trusted by users. Definitely, the best place for you to find a suitable dating partner. Anyway, what is the secret behind the success of this dating app? There is much to Badoo Dating App that attracts money users to it. The secret lies solely in its exceptional features.

Badoo Dating App features

Truth be told, Badoo dating app has amazing features. It goes with no say that you will not hesitate to fall in love with them. Below are some of the features you should make the most out of:

Signing up

It is a must you sign up for you to use Badoo Dating app. This app is available not only on Google play but also on iTunes. Both Android and iOS users have a chance to use it. Signing up is never a problem. You can either use email or your social media accounts like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Do not expect to spend a century trying to sign up. This is because if you opt to use your social media account, all your personal details will be uploaded with immediate effect. Some of the personal details you are required to provide include, a description of yourself, relationship status, sexual orientation, physical attributes, Lifestyle, languages, location, interest, work, Education, your photos and videos. Be truthful.


Badoo Dating app has its own pricing model that is different from other dating applications. It also offers free membership, that most users tend to prefer. The free membership plan grantees users a lot of crucial features free of charge. As a result, users are able to get their ideal matches in the shortest time possible. Away from that, Badoo does have premium plans. This plan has a lot to offer. In fact, it guarantees you success in your quest for an ideal soulmate. Badoo premium will offer you invisible mode, stickers, message highlighting, know those who liked you, contacting new people, access popular users among many more. Before subscribing to Badoo premium plan, you are free to choose the most suitable duration. You can opt for 1 day, 1-week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and a lifetime premium plan. Finally, you can also capitalize on paid upgrades to make your search for love easier.

Communication features

Communication is a core provision for any dating application. Badoo dating app has excelled in this regard. It provides great communication features for its users. You can use these communication features, messages, video chats, favorites, block users and clear your whole conversation. Take advantage of those features to make your stay on this app great.

Profile viewing

Badoo provides easy profile viewing for its users. This is possible through some options such as favorites, bumped into, while you were away, popularity and member profiles. Through profile viewing, Badoo allows you to scrutinize profiles of users you are interested in. Look at their interests, hobbies, and locations to find your preferred partner.

Search and Match Function

It is evident that people come to dating apps either to strike friendships or love relationships. However, it becomes a successful quest once singles find an ideal partner. This is possible through an efficient search and match function. Badoo dating app offers various search and match functions, which include people nearby and encounters. Get to know those that are online to initiate conversation. Use that to know more about your match.


Easier communication

Getting in touch with your match is stress-free. This is possible through a reliable search and match function. Get in touch with your partner and learn more.


Using the Badoo dating application is very easy. Signing up is through email or your social media account. The latter uploads your details on the app with immediate effect.

Available for everyone

This dating application supports all types of relationships. The relationships allowed here include bisexual, lesbian, gay and straight. No one is excluded from this dating application as long as they are of the right age. Feel free to get on this app and search for your ideal partner. Chances of being successful are very high.

Various options

The application guarantees you many options as much as potential partners are concerned. It is up to you to choose the one that suits you pretty well. Give your honest personal details to get a soulmate that will suit you well.


Expensive premium services

If you want to use Badoo premium services you will need to dig deep into your pocket. The pricing for premium services is not friendly to every user. This has left a large number of individuals glued to the free membership plan. If you can afford the premium membership plan, it will be a good idea to go ahead and subscribe.


Badoo dating application has revolutionized online dating. It comes with some special features aimed at bringing legitimacy to online dating. The app is user-friendly to allow you to achieve your intentions. Capitalize on everything this app has to offer and you will be satisfied with the results. You will be able to create friendships and lasting relationships with ease. That is supposed to be the intent of every dating application. Fortunately, Badoo dating app has already set the pace.