Bumble Dating App Review


Founded back in 2014, Bumble dating app has grown to become one of the most popular dating apps of this century. This magnificent dating app was developed by Whitney Wolfe, a former employee of Tinder. Being so, Bumble and Tinder do have a couple of items and features in common. However, the key difference between the two is that unlike Tinder, Bumble is more women-oriented, or rather women-controlled. This means that in Bumble, the women are more in control.

What makes Bumble unique?

In a nutshell, Bumble can be described as a revolutionary dating app that was based on Tinder's swiping principle with the exception of that, in this case, the lady is in full control of her account. This app completely eliminates the dating protocols of the past and has the woman initiating the conversation. Bumble is exceptionally good for women since it was created by a woman with significant experience in the world of dating. By early 2017, Bumble had admitted a client base of over 12.5 million users.

How does Bumble work?

In terms of comparison, Bumble can be rendered Tinder's female version. The way it functions is almost similar to Tinder's principle. The app offers a user a database filled with profiles that have based on this very user's search criteria. You simply have to swipe right if you are interested in a profile and swipe left if not. Now, if it so happens that you get carried away and swipe left even though you did not mean to, you simply have to shake your smartphone, tablet or any other relevant gadget to undo it. The profiles of every single user are visual-based meaning that it includes the main profile picture and age. If you want to get to know more about a specific user, tap or rather click on their main profile picture and some detailed info of the individual will appear including additional photos.

Now, in case both parties swipe right, a match is made. However, you need to understand that unlike most dating apps, Bumble has the woman in control giving them the power to initiate conversations. Once a match is made, the woman has 24 hours to initiate communications or the match expires. Similarly, the male counterpart gets 24 hours to respond.

Once both parties respond and a conversation is initiated, all conversations form in one window together with your match list. Bumble features a very friendly user interface that makes using it relatively easy. The interface is also quite appealing meaning that you could never get bored when using it. Signing up or creating an account is effortless and should take a minute or two.

Bumble Pricing

Bumble dating app is absolutely free. This means that every basic feature and tools offered by the app are at your disposal. However, by parting away with a couple of dollars, you get to become a BumbleBoost subscriber and enjoy a number of its premium paid features. BumbleBoost subscription rates vary depending on your subscription duration. The price ranges from about $9 per week to $14 dollars per month if you subscribe for 6 months. You can visit Bumble's official site to get further details on its pricing.

Once you become a BumbleBoost subscriber, some of the added features you get to enjoy include the following:

Additionally, Bumble allows you to purchase Bumble Coins, Bumble's own currency that is used to purchase SuperSwipes. SuperSwipe is just a paid feature that lets the other party beware of how serious you want to connect with them. As from the features listed above, you can see that this platform is exceptionally huge and is convenient for everyone. Apart from helping you establish a solid and stable relationship; it can also play a very important and valuable role business-wise.

What are some of its pros and benefits?

There are numerous benefits of using Bumble to other dating apps. Some of them include the following:

Safety and Security

Unlike most dating apps available, Bumble rests the power to initiate conversations on women. This kindof provides extra safety as then no woman has their account bombarded with creepy pick-up lines from other men and women. In fact, Bumble's abuse report rate is at 0.008%making it one of the safest dating platforms there is.

In terms of security, Bumble is adequately secured. Private data and information on its users are well protected and safeguarded using strong firewalls. On top of that, Bumble doesn't allow users to post other very sensitive information on their respective profiles guaranteeing their safety.

Help and Support

In terms of helping and supporting its clients, Bumble doesn't seem to disappoint at all. This dating platform features a standard support section that facilitates you getting of help whenever you need. Even though its FAQS section doesn't include a search bar, you can peruse through all those questions and answers when seeking a relevant FAQ. In case of any issues at all, or even merely making a suggestion, you can get in touch with customer support and have all that sorted out.

Final Thoughts and Summary

You need to understand that Bumble doesn't necessarily have to work perfectly for everyone. Of course, some men would love to be in control. However, if you happen to be seeking for a better and unique dating experience like you've never had before, this is the platform for you. With Bumble, you are bound to have fun as well as accomplish your relationship goals. All the best to you!