Chappy Dating App Review


Are you looking for a quality dating app that is exceptionally user-friendly and precisely what you need when looking for a gay partner? Then Chappy has got you covered.

About Chappy

It is a beautiful dating app that gives you every reason to smile as a member of the gay community all over the world.

The Chappy application has been developed to help you grow a meaningful relationship with other men whether it's for a night or a lifetime, your choice to make. It allows you to explore your sexuality freely without the so long stigma that is associated with this type of dating applications since some applications are a waste of your time and have not membership policy and privacy.

Launched in 2017, Chappy has continuously been the pride of many individual and has increasingly grown popular over the years. In mid-2018 the application was muted for full redesigning and identified as Bumble's official dating application for gay men. This made the application more appealing and attractive attracting more users.

The application is a product by Locke(Ollie Locke) whose main idea was to make gay dating more accessible and comfortable via a platform that will be available to all. His idea came to life when he was thinking of a way to provide members a place to share intimate things without setting alarms on the public. However, the application available for smartphones.


A Chappy account is straightforward to create, using an FB account. The application automatically syncs with your account uses your Facebook profile photo as your photo. All the information life gender and name will be synced as well, but you can delete as well.

Member contacting

If you swipe to the right of a profile and the other member swipes to the right, you will both you receive messages that have been matched. Then you can start conversations.

The chappy scale

This is the flagship feature that helps identify which type of relationship you intend to have. For instance, Cute means that you are looking for a stable relationship, sexy is for those looking for casual nights and the middle section is the "who knows" part which combines both cute and sexy.

Profile information

Apart from the information obtained from an account on FB, a member can add more info about himself. This information will be readily available to individuals interested in you.

Note: You can never leave your profile picture section blank . Use your real pictures,make sure you have your real photo as your profile phote . Change your name by changing your facebook name.

Members of Chappy

The majority of members in this platform are from the United States and the United Kingdom. Also, 100% percent of Chappy members are gay. Based on the residents provided on the application statistic most members are from age 18 to 34 years old. Members can change the settings to suit their taste. According to the analysis provided most people are in for the Cute setting since more guys something special, not just a fling.

The design and usability of the application

The application strikes out with different colors like salmon pink and darker shades, which provides users with an attractive look that suits the targeted market. In teams of access, the features of this application are effortless to access via the dashboard which is just one tap away.

Chappy Features



Real customer review

According to Kevin aged 29, a user of the application since 2017. The application has been of great assistance to him in exploring his sexuality freely and finding the right partner. He started with "Sexy" type of interest and has been happy to admit that with time he has learned to settle for "Cute " since he is hoping for a meaningful relationship.

Jack Rogers sentiments

According to Jack Rogers, the co-founder of the application the app takes you directly to the point. Meaning it avoids the first awkward 10 minutes of chatting where one is trying to understand what type of relationship an individual wants.


There are many dating apps out there one can explore. But finding a dating app that supports you are a member of the community can be hard to come by. This the main reason why Chappy was created in the first place. It is among the popular applications that will take your experience to the next level.

Feel free to download the application via the links provided below and explore your sexuality without limits as a gay member of the community.