Coffee Meets Bagel Dating App Review

Coffee Meets Bagel

If you are searching for a mobile dating app that concentrates on quality instead of quantity then you should try the use of Coffee Meets Bagel. According to Tech Crunch, Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) has been successful in generating in excess of a billion introductions. Moreover, the tech industry platform also reported that about 50,000 couples were able to meet courtesy of CMB. According to ABC News, this dating app has been able to generate over 20,000 relationships leading to about 200 marriages in the US.

This dating app was launched by three sisters in 2011. Arum, Soo, and Dawoon Kang, residents of New York City, devised their own dating app since they were disappointed with what the existing dating apps were offering.

Why Coffee Meets Bagel Is Special

This particular dating app does not require quizzes upon a user signing up and avoids the categorizing of its users just into a huge database. CMB was founded and thrives on three guiding principles which are:

Coffee Meets Bagel Sign Up

You have to first download and install the dating app on your smartphone (Android and iPhone). Your CMB account is authenticated through the use of your Facebook account or your phone number. The sign-up process is easy and quick since it does not involve the annoying personality quizzes and timewasting match preferences associated with other dating apps.

The use of the Facebook account allows the algorithm implemented by CMB to scan the social circles of users for finding compatible friends-of-friends matches. The use of your Facebook account is also important for discouraging the creation of fake accounts. If you happen to use your phone number, then the dating app will just have to rely on your specified partner location and preferences for generating potential matches.

The dating app safeguards your privacy when you link your CMB account with your Facebook account. The app does not post on your Facebook profile, inform anyone that you have signed up, and your CMB and Facebook profiles are never publicly linked.

How Coffee Meets Bagel Works and Its Features

The dating app offers two main sections in the form of Suggested and Discover to help you browse profiles. Suggested section supplies you with agels' or suggested matches. When a man receives his Suggested bagel, he can either Pass or Like. You are required to review the profile information of a match within 24 hours and choose to Pass or Like. When you like a profile, there is an option available for you to also send a message. This greatly increases the chance of you being liked back by the bagel.

By liking a bagel and being liked back, there is mutual liking, this leads to an automatic connection through a private in-app chat. Initiating contact through liking of each other helps for the purpose of protecting female users from a barrage of unwanted messages. You should note that the texting platform is available for only 7 days. That means you have a limited time to initiate a conversation with a match and thus this feature is important in discouraging users from taking longer to respond or initiate a conversation. With CMB, you both have limited time to make meeting plans or exchange phone numbers.

Once the conversation has expired after 7 days, to initiate again or re-open the conversation for 30 days more, you are required to spend beans, the internal currency of the app.

If the Suggested bagel does not match your taste and you want to be more involved in the process of matching, then you can employ the use of the iscover' tab. The section allows you to go through profiles that are not quite meeting your criteria. You can like a bagel by tapping the displayed orange heart. Liking a bagel in the Discover tab is considered a Take which requires you to spend beans. For premium CMB users, each day it is possible to take 8 bagels without spending beans. Automatically, your profile will be displayed in their Discover tab with a note indicating you liked them.

It is important to note that you can earn coffee beans either through regularly using the dating platform, social media sharing, and completing other tasks, or simply purchasing beans in 100, 2,000 and 3,000 increments. You can spend your coffee beans to unlock more profiles, opening expired conversations, etc.

Coffee Meets Bagel Pricing

The service is available for free but for you to access all the features, you have to subscribe to the premium service. The premium features of CMB can be unlocked using coffee beans, a virtual currency. Each bean is about two cents. The premium features of this dating app include:

Upgraded or premium membership costs:

The payment options available are credit card, PayPal, and mobile phone.

Pros of Coffee Meets Bagel

Cons of Coffee Meets Bagel

In conclusion, if you are looking for a dating app that is female-friendly and meant for singles living in big cities, then you should definitely consider using Coffee Meets Bagel. The dating app is great if you are looking for a serious relationship and you do not have adequate time to spend on meeting potential dates online. If you are looking for an instant hookup, then I am afraid CMB is not for you.