In-depth Review of the Christian Dating App: Cross Paths

Cross Paths

Nowadays there are many applications developed where people meet and mingle. This could be for a number of purposes like say friendship or dating or perhaps just to find new people with diverse ideologies.

A Christian dating app known as Cross Paths was also developed for the same mentality. It was made to assist like-minded Christians find each other and relate. They could find their soul mates with a little help from the application.

Members are allowed to select their faith category hence making it convenient for the Christians to find their perfect match; someone in their faith. Upon a mutual interest from both parties, then Cross Paths joins them together and they can start talking to each other via chats.

How to Join Cross Paths

To be a member of Cross Paths you will first need to have the application with you. It can be downloaded from some of the online stores such as Google play store. Once done, the singles register through Facebook to have an opportunity to express their desires. This usually happens in their profiles where they give some information about themselves and what is it that they really want. Cross Paths will give you an opportunity to add your height, your current town, and some space to write about yourself a little bit.

You could also add your Instagram account to your profile if you wish. The singles you match with will be able to know how many kilometers away you are and the number of Facebook friends you could be having in common.

The profiles are approved real quickly and now the members have a chance to communicate and meet up other singles near them.

How it Works

Cross Paths dating app applies the mutual matching technology. It is normally efficient in getting local singles that are ready to meet with you. This basically means you will always be aware whenever a mutual interest emerges.

After a mutual interest appears you will now wallop No or Yes to express what you feel to the single Christian. The distinction of this Christian dating app from others is that once there is a mutual interest from both singles, you will chat for free and bring up something out of it.

In other dating apps, you will have to pay in order to chat with the other person. Once you are interested in another single person and swipe yes, they will not know your decision until they also swipe yes to you.

In the Christian dating apps, you will not be given descriptors such as smoking habits or say Facebook likes. This is because they are more categorical and focused on a specific niche rather than general applications like tinder.

Special Features of Cross Paths

Super Swipe

Use this feature to get the attention of whom you wish to talk to and make them swipe you back. Every user is given only one super swipe for free per day.

Undo button

You may make some errors as you enjoy swiping. This could end up matching or swiping for someone you did not intend to. The app has got a button to correct that and unswipe if at all you did not want to make that move.

Swipe Note

You are able to write a note to the other single person who you are interested in. The note clearly explains to them that you are interested in them.

Explore View

The Christian dating app allows you to find people in a collage view and like all you are interested in. This happens however if you revamp to first class.

Most Eligible

The app allows you to view some of the top profiles around you. This only happens when you upgrade to first class. The most eligible feature makes your work even less complicated as you will have searches that are more detailed and customized to your requirements of your dream partner.

Liked Me Feature

Upon upgrading, you will now be able to see anyone that has already liked you. You will just have to look at their profile and if he/she interests you, then just swipe yes and it becomes an easier match. Commence your conversations and set things rolling to determine whether they can match who you are looking for.

Switch Current Location

You can switch your location in order to receive more swipes from anywhere you wish if you have a premium account. This ensures that you are noticed by singles looking for partners in the nearby place that you indicated. This will, of course, increase your chances of finding your soul mate using the Christian dating app.

Merits of Cross Paths

Simple to get started

You just connect through Facebook and your profile is set up and approved very fast. Facebook connectivity is preferred since you already have a profile for your Facebook account. So you are just going to add on some little information and it becomes very fast. You start looking for Christian singles around you almost immediately.

Connect on faith

Here you meet online and connect with someone from your faith. Cross Paths will connect you to someone near you that shares the same faith as you do. You will basically be overjoyed to find a partner that believes in the same faith you do.

Free to chat

You will chat with your matches at no cost, unlike other dating apps. Go through the men and women in your Cross Paths app and chat with them to find whether there is some chemistry. You could also make dates and know each other at a personal level.

Opportunities to meet

The Christian dating app offers you a chance to meet other people face-to-face. This is from the social good events and sponsored mixers organized by the owners. You will be able to attend sponsored events or find out more about your favorite sports.

Cross Paths advocate for genuine connections and face-to-face meetings.


This Christian dating app supports people who think alike. Some people prefer getting married to someone who believes in what they believe in. Cross Paths ensure that you get your ideal partner who has the same faith as you.

It is an awesome mobile application that is simple to use and for free. An advantage over other dating sites is that members could meet up in sponsored events organized and know each other even better. So for those who believe true love can be found by faith then this is the go-to application.