eHarmony Dating App Review


Everyone wishes to get into a relationship when the right comes by. Unfortunately, getting the best partner to be in a relationship with might be a daunting process. It has become quite hard to find someone you can enjoy the rest of your life with. Online dating applications have tried to make it possible for different people to meet and establish a long-lasting relationship. Unfortunately, some dating sites are not that reliable. They have nothing to offer but only exposing you to bots instead of real people. It is not only frustrating but also time-consuming. It is time to put that torment to an end. eHarmony dating app is a social platform where you can meet your lifetime partner from. It has a lot to offer as much as dating is concerned.

About eHarmony Dating App

Honestly speaking, getting a reliable dating application is not that easy. Only a few will guarantee you a better social and dating experience. A good number of the so-called dating sites are literally Ponzi sites. They have been developed by individuals who their interest is to make money from you.eHarmony Dating App is very reliable. Ever since it was established it has been able to not only foster relationships but also friendships. Definitely, it is one place you need to be if you are in search of a life partner. You might just get the best partner. Try your luck.

Why eHarmony

In this current setup where it hard to trust dating applications, eHarmony is one place you can trust. There are various reasons why you should be on this platform. Below are some of the reasons:


Definitely, you have had a hard time finding the best dating partner. Coming to eHarmony should at least make your search worthwhile. This should be through bringing ease to your search for a partner. eHarmony is really committed to making your quest a success. It is user-friendly to make your search not only easy but also fun. You will be exposed to a simple sign up process. That should get you started. The application itself is not completed. You can install it on your mobile device or personal computer. This means you can use it at any time regardless of your location.

Wide Variety of options

It goes with no say that people have different tastes and preferences regarding their ideal partners. They have qualities and values that they expect their future partners to have. eHarmony is so committed to making every user get their ideal dating partner. It has availed various users with different profiles that you are expected to go through and select the best. These options will enhance your chances of getting the best partner. Capitalize on this provision to get yourself into a productive relationship. Certainly, you have a chance to get your ideal partner. Do not squander this chance.

Membership Plans

Depending on your financial capability, you can either make use of standard or premium plan. The standard one is available at $ 42.95.It is mainly equipped with basic features. there are better premium plans you can take advantage of. The premium plan will cost you at least $54.95.With the premium plan, you are able to tell any member who is interested in you instantly. However, make sure you sign up for a plan that you can easily afford. Do not spend quite a fortune desperately with the intention of getting a match instantly. Sometimes, your quest might not pay off as you expected. Be smart.

Great application setup

This dating application has an amazing layout. You will be subjected to options and settings that you can capitalize on pretty well. For instance, you will be given the chance to come up with your own profile. Make your profile as comprehensive as possible. Provide your exact location and upload a nice photograph of you. Doing all that will enhance your chance of getting your ideal match. The application tends to bring to you people with the same likes and interest as you. At least you get a nice go ahead once you get a match.


eHarmony Dating application is not that perfect. It has some flaws or rather disadvantages. The cons have made some people unsuccessful in their pursuit of an amazing soulmate. Below are some of the cons:

Quite expensive

The premium plans are not affordable to all. Some people will not just meet the prices that have been attached to those premium membership plans. Despite them being reliable they might just not be what you need to get you, lifetime partner. You can still make use of the free services and get what you need. It is important you assess the membership that eHarmony has to offer and capitalize on the one that suits you perfectly. Avoid overspending on this application, not worth it all!

Need for the internet

You need an internet connection to use this application. This means you will have to budget for it. Unreliable internet means you will not be able to reap the benefits that eHarmony dating application has to offer. Using the internet on this application might not be worthwhile to some extent. In your free time, it might be ideal to spend your time eHarmony trying out your luck. It might be expensive having to use internet specifically on eHarmony dating application. Realign your priorities.

Failure to get the ideal match

It is not a guarantee you will get the perfect soulmate then live happily ever after. Sometimes it is a matter of luck by you getting the exact match you hoped for. One thing about eHarmony is that it does not give provision to same-sex matching. Avoid putting your hopes too high. You just might not be lucky.


Dating applications provide a chance for anyone to meet his/her ideal partner. However, it is not always guaranteed that you will be successful on the dating sites. For that reason, it is important you find a dating application that will enhance your chances of getting the right match. In that connection, eHarmony dating application can be just what you need.