Hinge Dating App Review


Hinge is an online dating app that was launched in 2011. Originally, the functioning of the dating app was similar to other available social dating apps. While Hinge enabled Facebook integration and displayed mutual friends, it only allowed matching you with connected people via the social network. This kind of approach in a great way resembled old school dating where a relationship is able to be forged courtesy of people setting up their friends on blind dates with singles known. Hinge believed that higher quality matches, promising a higher possibility of a relationship, can only be achieved through matching you with the people who you know or people knowing other persons you knew.

Re-Launch Of the Dating App

The approach adopted by Hinge led to the online dating app being accused of promoting a culture of hooking up. Therefore, in 2016, Hinge re-launched its dating app, informed by research they did. According to their research, they established that the swiping feature implemented by other dating sites such as Tinder encourages the maintenance of your single status.

The new format adopted by this online dating app is more focused on the creation of engaging profiles to reduce the behavior of users treating other Hinge members just like a playing card for left or right swiping. This newly adopted format enables a user to at a time focus only a small number of user profiles.

Hinge Sign Up

For you to get started with this dating app and verify your profile, you can either choose a mobile number or Facebook verification. Facebook profile verification is the most preferred sign up method since it serves to make things easier. You do not have to manually enter your details with Facebook verification since your information and photos are automatically uploaded. You should note that your Hinge account will not be visible through your Facebook account. It does only rely on the use of social network circles and this is achieved by connecting a user with Facebook friends of friends' connection.

Hinge Features

Discover section

This section enables you to view your suggested matches. If you happen to like what has been viewed, then you can tap the displayed heart icon. You can also then like/comment on a photo, profile section, or video. If your comment is replied to, then a connection is established enabling the possibility of starting a conversation.

If you are not interested, you can simply tap the icon X for the next potential match to be displayed.

Likes You Section

Through the Likes You section, you are presented with the perfect opportunity to match with another user that has expressed interest by commenting on your stories or photos. If you are interested in the user, simply reply to the comment or tap the blue button for matching.

Matches Section

Accessing Matches section enables you to access existing conversations.

The Matching Process of Hinge

The matching process of this dating app is able to get better the more you use the service. The more you use Hinge the better the matches. The app is able to review the liked user profiles for learning your tastes and preferences. You are then able to be supplied with other potentially interesting users or profiles. To show that you like a photo, you are required to click or tap the heart button and a conversation can also be started by adding a comment. A conversation between you and another user is private, the likes and comments can only be viewed by you and the other person.

Hinge Pricing

Even though this is free to use a dating app, the free account only has limited features. And so, to access the complete set of Hinge features, you have to choose a premium plan. A subscription plan enables you to access and use features such as Hinge experts and set advanced preferences. The subscription options available for the Preferred Hinge Membership are:

Unlike other dating apps and sites, Hinge presents an opt-in service with o catch'. You will be asked to opt-in at the end of the trial period instead of being migrated automatically to a premium account. Moreover, there is no membership terms auto-renewal. In the Account Settings section, you can turn off auto-renewal and manage subscriptions. Payment is done via the Google Play store or the Apple iTunes and that depends on your particular device.



In conclusion, it is estimated that about 90% of the users of Hinge are aged from 23 to 26 and are college educated. Therefore, if you prefer this particular demographic then you should give this dating app a try. Hinge is for serious daters and it does not require huge subscription fees.