Jack'd Dating App Review


If you are on the lookout for one of the best gay dating apps, then you should definitely go with Jack'd, one of the fastest growing dating apps for gay men. Given that it is an app, you can take it on the go and find your ultimate date. This is a comprehensive review of Jack'd to make it easy for you to find that lifetime partner or if you want just a friend or hookup partner.

About Jack'd

Jack'd is the world's fastest growing gay dating app thanks to its sexy members and intuitive user interface. The app was launched in 2011 and since then has gone on to rival the likes of Tinder and Grindr as the app of choice for gay people of color looking to connect, share, chat or meet likeminded people. Similar to Tinder and Grindr, it is a location-based app where you can scroll through 300 thumbnail images of men near you. Swiping right on a profile allows you to open the full profile and is similar to swiping right on Tinder. Like most dating apps you can either go for the free or premium version. With the free version, you are restricted in how many profiles you can check out every day though you can still message people you have not matched with and wait for them to reply. Once you register your profile with an email or logged in with Facebook, you will enter in profile information after which you can choose your scene. This will make it easier to find and be found by people in the same categories.

Jack'd Features

You are asked to choose your scenes that include Straight-curious/Bi, Twinks, Long term Relationship (LTR), Strictly Friends, Big Muscles, and Bears. This helps match you with people with similar interests which is what has made Jack'd so successful.

Free Features

Pro Features

If you are looking to find more high-quality matches, then it is probably a good idea to upgrade to premium membership. Jack'd premium membership has more filters that allow you to get highly targeted matches that are a good fit for you and are looking for the same thing that you are. You also get access to a bigger pool of prospects with a premium membership.


The free version of Jack'd will get you much of what you need to connect share and meet with men in your locality and from across the world. However, you will be missing out on a lot by not paying for premium Jack'd.

Just like with anything, the pro version of Jacked is cheaper if you get it for the long term. You may, however, be confident that you can find what you want with a shorter subscription period. The following is the breakdown of Jack'd premium pricing:



While it claims to be a location-based app, sometimes its algorithm makes mistakes and shows you men from a different local that you may have no interest in meeting.


There are tons of gay dating websites out there and you need to know what you need before joining one especially if you intend to pay for premium membership. It is always recommended to join a site with a great reputation and Jack'd provides this. A lot of people have left glowing reviews for the app which means that it is working for a lot of people. It is a great platform where you can meet and chat with tons of interesting and sexy people.