Lesly Dating App Review


There are high chances that at least a person you know has been able to meet his or her partner online because of the use of a dating app. Most of us are increasingly use dating apps and that is regardless of the type of person you like to bed. Now, while we like the use of dating apps, most of them are generally designed for straight people. Most of the dating apps assume that its members are straight. Of course, that does not mean that a lesbian or a queer woman should stick to trying to find her lover in lesbian bars or other places. It is still possible for gay girls or women to meet and chat on a dating app. For that to happen, you have to search for the best dating app for bisexual and lesbians.

One such dating app designed for lesbians and bisexual girls that is increasingly gaining popularity is Lesly. It offers a great community for lesbians, queer, and bisexual women to meet, chat, date, and hook up with other singles in different areas. This new and exciting service for lesbian dating is a secure, trusted, and reliable place for lesbian women to connect and know more about each other and eventually fall in love. Lesly is suitable whether you are looking for a hookup, serious relationship, meet up, blind date, NSA fun, or even FWB with other like-minded friends.

It used to be hard to find lesbian dating apps and lesbian partners, and that is especially when one is confined within a limited working or living area. Thanks to Lesly, one of the best lesbian dating apps, it is now possible and easy to check out and find nearby compatible matches. Moreover, searching for a lesbian partner has also been made less risky because Lesly strives to eliminate all potential frauds or scams by vigorously securitizing all the information of registered users. Lesly is definitely not like other available lesbian dating apps.

Use Lesly app today to avoid heterosexual dating apps and sites. Finding a lesbian date is easy since it involves just swiping to the right or left.

Features of Lesley as a Lesbian Dating App

Lesly Pricing

While this particular lesbian-bisexual dating app is available to download and use for free, the features are limited. A premium service offers you an array of features and advantages including getting premium customer service, being possible to initiate conversations, finding more matches, etc. Upgrading your Lesly membership presents you as a serious lesbian looking for a partner. The subscription packages for you to choose from are:

You should note that regardless of your subscription package, 24 hours before the expiry of your current subscription, your account subscription will be renewed automatically. However, understand that it is possible to turn off subscription auto-renewal. The premium options offered are generally reasonable and affordable.



Using Lesly, you are guaranteed to understand why it is rated as the top service among the existing bisexual and lesbian dating apps. The people who designed this dating app are experts in the lesbian dating industry. That is why they managed to incorporate the classic features of other top dating apps such as Bumble and Tinder into the design of Lesly. Moreover, other special features such as the Lesly Show, a social media feature, have also been added to make the app delightful and unique.

In conclusion, since the registration is free, that is one important reason why this dating app is popular across the world. Also, the app is clean; it does not display any ads which usually are annoying and frustrating to users. This lesbian dating app is interesting and effective because it does not have men. Most of the existing lesbian dating apps usually have creepy men searching for multiple women for a potential threesome hookup. The operating principle of the app is that there are no men meaning there are no worries. Importantly also, the Lesly team strives to manually verify the information provided by each and every user to ensure that the app serves its intended purpose of being a lesbian dating service.