Mature Dating App Review


If you are on the hunt for a top quality senior dating app, then you should definitely consider Mature Dating, one of the most popular out there. Coming with a mobile app, you can increase your chances of meeting someone as you can take it on the go. This is a comprehensive review of Mature Dating for senior singles looking to find that special someone.

About Mature Dating

Mature Dating has made a name for itself among seniors looking for companionship, friendship, and romance. It comes with a sleek and intuitive design that makes it easy to use for persons above the age of 40 who may not be that tech savvy. The website and app have been experiencing strong growth in Europe and its key core market in the United States. This is a testament to its effectiveness at matching people to the right partners. How the site works has changed little over the years though you can always get up to speed on how to use it from the helpful tutorials on signup. The sign-up process is really easy as all you need is an email address. You will then be asked to fill in your profile with details such as postcode date of birth, gender and other basic details which should take a few minutes. Over the years, the site has become the go-to platform for seniors looking for love, romance, and a soul mate.

Mature Dating Features

Mature Dating Basic features

Mature Dating Premium features

The basic version of Mature Dating offers a lot of features that could allow you to match and connect with other users on the dating site. However, to get the most from Mature Dating you need to pay for premium membership which significantly improves your chances of finding a person you like. The capacity to get access to full-size pictures and to send unlimited internal messages is quite significant in the quest to connect and you can only get this via a premium subscription.

Mature Dating Pricing

You will miss out on a lot of potential matches if you do not buy a premium membership.

Like many services, you get the premium package for cheaper if you decide to subscribe for a longer period. Check out the prices for premium membership below and you can see that premium membership is totally worth it if you are seriously looking for a date. Note that you will need to pay upfront for the period selected and hence if you decide to subscribe for 6 months you need to pay the cumulative charge for half a year's worth of Mature Dating.



It is free to join and since they do not do any serious vetting, you may find younger people including scammers and con artists that will waste your time.


Finding love when you are above forty can seem like a daunting task. Nonetheless, with a premium Mature Dating membership, it is not as complicated or as hard as it seems. You get to enjoy a ton of features in the basic mode so that you can check out the site, chat with a few people to determine if it is the right fit your needs. The app is a really cool platform and with a little back and forth you should be able to find someone to your liking.