In-Depth Review of the Senior Dating App: OurTime


If you're a person of 50+ years and looking for some company then before anything else, check out OurTime. Boasting over 8 million visitors per month, the site/app has really touched a formerly neglected demography. Keep on reading this in depth review to clearly grasp the whole concept of the dating app.

About OurTime

Released by People Media in 2011, OurTime is a niche dating site that focuses on people over 50. Unfortunately, this demography wasn't considered with enough seriousness before this app was published. Here, men and women who're somewhat advanced in body, and yet young at heart, can look for any kind of experience to share with another person. Whether to become pen pals or regular friends, go on romantic dates or participate in marital bonds - people can always find other people with same and similar interests. The interface and usability are kept appropriately friendly so that even the least tech-savvy can make the best use of it. You can provide as much, or as little, information about yourself as you wish and the program's algorithm will find matches for you accordingly. While to have the best chance of finding the right person (people) requires you to create a paid profile, you can also go for an unpaid, free version. We'll get into the profile types in detail later on.

OurTime Features

As mentioned earlier, you an either have a paid or a free account. However, the free version has very limited usability. With a free account you can still view full profiles of other members, find your daily matches and "Flirt" (like Facebook's "Poke") with ones you like but other than that, you wouldn't have access to advanced, but basic, communication systems like sending messages and talking in chatroom. So the main features are mostly contained in the paid profile choice. These are:

The difference between paid and free profiles is substantial. So if you're interested in following through the whole system with certain seriousness, it's best that you go for the paid version.

OurTime Pricing

You can choose your paid account type from two available subscription options: Standard and Value. Their pricing systems are given below:

Standard Subscription:

Value Subscription:

There are no substantial differences between Standard and Value subscription besides:

In addition to paying for a profile, you can also buy credits using real life money. Credits work like OurTime's personal currency and can be used to purchase virtual gifts and perks that facilitate visibility boosts. Credit tokens are available at the following rates:

Obviously, the more you pay the more you get but don't disregard practicality for gain's sake. Before you make a purchase, think how serious you actually are and if you really need it. The lengthier packages cost more but cost-effective over time. But it all depends on your personal budget and willingness to spend.

Pros And Cons

Now that we have the general facts, let's take an exact look at what's good and what's not so about this senior dating program.




Given the nature of the app and its users, some scammers might lurk to take advantage, after monetary fashion, of people who're trying to find good company. The possibility is low but still better to be cautious than being indifferent. At the end of the day, what really matters is your satisfaction, both practical and emotional. It's all the better if your romantic and friendly endeavors are best served by the professional support of OurTime.