Scruff Dating App Review


Gays across the world have a reason to smile. Their networking ability has been a challenge for quite some time. You could find some using social media platforms to send other guys private messages yet they are not sure whether those men are their fellow gays. More often than not, do you find some countries having a lot of restrictions on same-gender dating? Today, many app developers have seen the opportunity and developed many of such dating apps on Android OS and IOS. This has enhanced convenience and privacy in their affairs. One of those best dating apps is the scruff app. In this article, we shall look into the app to determine whether it is suitable for you.

About the app

Scruff is a free gay dating app available on Google play store and Appstore and Windows store. It was founded with a theme of gay dating targeting bearded guys as the brand name suggest. The first release was developed in 2010 by Perry street software, a company founded by CEO Eric Silverberg and co-founder Johnny Skandros.In 2013, the company also incorporated an app for HIV positive called Poz.

The app is well established with more than 5 million downloads. It has a rated with 4.2 stars. The app is relatively bigger in size with 33 MBs. It is classified as Gay chat, dating and social. It is the top-rated app in the U.S in social networking according to an analysis by APPLAUSE, of how 1.5 million consumer rate and 10,000+ app store review was possible.



As far as this dating has great benefits, there are also a few drawbacks:

Target group

The app is classified for men above 18+ years but there is no upper age limit. It is also targeting guys who need hookups and dating. Smartphone users are also another requirement. However, it is not suitable for ladies of any age.

Tools and training

The app has no quick tutorial but it is quite easy to use for any literate person. However, you can find videos on site like youtube that reviews the app and explains features. The app has great tools as mentioned on Pros but for a better experience, you are required to upgrade. Nevertheless, the app is affiliated to many sponsors for ads, for free users, this is the way the company benefits per click of an ad. For instance, It is indicated in Playstore details that app-in purchases will range from $2-$200.These are random ads for apps that you might be interested in.


The app has a quick support team that is quite responsive on a 24/7 basis. This can be attested by comments on reviews at google play store where the admin is seen to reply to them. You can also send an email to [email protected] or visit their website: for further information.


The app exists in two modes; free and premium plans. For the free plan, you will just access basic features but for a better experience, you need to upgrade. If you want to explore these great features, you can unlock them at a small fee of $14.99/ month or for 3 months at a breakdown of $13.33 per month, you can also upgrade to the annual plan of $9.99/month.

Final opinion

In my opinion, this is the best app given the many benefits and a few drawbacks that can be addressed. However, it is good to download more than one dating app and make a comparison for a free plan and then try one-month premium for this. If it gives you a better experience then it is your app you can go ahead and upgrade to the annual plan.


As we have discussed above, you can go ahead and try this app for a free plan and discover the world of socializing for gays. You should also consider upgrading to avoid scammers who you can easily block under this plan. Finally feel free to rate the app and submit your review at download sites-Appstore, Google play store, and Windows store.